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Workers' Comp Basics

Workers' Comp Basics

Workers' compensation claims were created by the Florida Workers' Compensation Act.  The Florida's system of worker's compensation is compulsory, meaning that employers are required to provide worker's compensation insurance for their employees. 

Employers with fewer than four employees are exempt from the state's worker's compensation act.  These claims allow injured employees to recover for their medical expenses (with worker's compensation authorized doctors), lost income (in the form of income benefits), and permanent impairment (benefits for the permanent loss of use of one's body).

Worker's compensation claims do not require injured workers to prove negligence and do not allow for the recovery of pain and suffering. Workers compensation claims are valid if the injured worker is an employee, if the employer has at least 3 employees, and if the injury was by accident and arising out of and in the course of their employment.  It is very, very important to hire an attorney to help you through the complicated process involved in all workers’ compensation claims.

Worker's Compensation claims are the exclusive remedy against the employer for injures that are on the job. This means that you cannot pursue a personal injury claim against your employer for a on the job injury.  However, the injured employee continues to have personal injury claims against third parties.

These third party personal injury claims are against individuals or companies other than your employer who caused your injury by their negligent or intentional actions. These third party personal injury claims can be pursued at the same time as you pursue your worker's compensation claim.

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